How To Freshen-Up Your Condo In 1 Day

The Secret Is In The Carpet

Having you carpets professionally cleaned will improve the appearance of your condo and also extend the life of your carpeted rooms. Did you know that is not the most beneficial thing about having them cleaned though? It can improve your family’s as well as your own health. According to the ALA ( American Lung Association ), if any persons in your home suffer from breathing conditions like asthma, snoring, etc. you are supposed to vacuum your carpets at least three times per week! But beyond just the vacuuming having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year have tremendous value you may be unaware of. If you think im blowing smoke about having professionally cleaned carpets, keep reading as I talk about 3 things.

1.There are pollutants trapped in your carpets that cleaning takes care of.

The EPA claims that there are several things trapped in our carpets that we cannot see with the naked eye. Indoor air pollutants, pet dander, dust, dirt, lead, and different allergens are just a few. Different airborne toxins cling to these particles in your carpet and are released every day from normal activities like vacuuming and simply walking on your carpets and make the air in your home damaging to your health. Having your carpets professionally cleaned kill these bacteria with their special formulated shampoos and commercial vacuums.

2.Dust mite infestations cleansing

Most homes have dust mites and either have or do have an infestation. The dust mites are not allergens but what they leave behind are. There size keeps us from seeing any of this because they are microscopic. The left behind feces and particles from the mites can be inhaled when the area is messed with. A majority of carpet cleaning company’s use a method of steam cleaning which provides high temperatures the dust mites are unable to survive in.


3.Helps prevent mold growth

Carpets in a higher humid area are susceptible to mold growth and dirty carpets are at a high risk when being exposed to such moisture. Carpets can trap moisture is not vacuumed and dried immediately which most do not know. Having your carpets cleaned regularly prevents mildew and mold growth. Professional carpet cleaning equipment have high powered drying that eliminates moisture that can lead to mold and mildew growth that can have a negative impact on your health if not taken care of.



What’s this condo inspection thing?

Should you have a condo inspection?

Let’s start first by saying, every building should be inspected prior to purchase regardless of the size and type.

A condo differs from a single family structure in that with a condo, you as the homeowner are only responsible for everything inside the walls. That can still include electrical, plumbing, HVAC, flooring, walls, windows and some insulation.
Just as with a home inspection you have one opportunity before purchase to negotiate any needed repairs with the seller. When walking through the condo the first time when thinking of purchasing it, you are more often looking at room size, layout, lighting etc.…and not thinking as much about the bathroom plumbing and electrical outlets and whether they are working properly. This is where a set of eyes to enter the home with a different motive is valuable for you.

Are the condo walls insulated well?
Has there been DIY electrical work done that doesn’t meet code?
Are the appliances installed working properly?
Is the HVAC system old? Does it blow cool and warm air?
What is the condition of the windows? Are there broken seals?


These are all just an example of things you may not have thought to look for while walking through your potential new home. However, these are exactly the things any professional home inspector will look at for you!
A condo inspection is done with the same attention to detail as a home inspection. Since there are less elements to look at condo inspections are less costly and require less time to complete but should never be overlooked or undervalued. It’s possible the cost of correcting one or two overlooked things by not having an inspection could exceed the price of the inspection had it been done prior to purchase.
Attending your condo inspection is always a great idea as well, it’s a great time to learn where water shutoffs are located and to be able to ask the inspector any other specific questions about the property during the inspection. After the completion of the inspection you should receive a comprehensive report listing all the findings of the inspector along with pictures of the different components if there are issues to note. This is the valuable information you need to move forward with your purchase as planned because everything is in tip top shape or maybe it’s an opportunity to address some needed work that can be negotiated with the seller or possibly even contain enough red flags that you feel you may just keep looking. Regardless of the findings it’s better to be informed ahead of time instead of surprised later, when it’s too late.

5 Tips to Lighting up your Apartment!

Improve Your Apartment Lighting

1. Consider Scale

Lets face the music that some of our apartments are a size where they just should not be called apartments any longer.  Just like any other living space, apartments can vary tremendously in size. With that being said, you have to keep scale in mind. Some lights and fixtures just may not be “right” for your area. For most though, the safest light source could be a table lamp. Others may be able to go all out with huge over-sized pendants or lanterns. A unique lighting fixture that gives off great light could be an amazing focal piece to a room. Just always be thinking of scale, and if it doesn’t seem to fit or look right, it probably doesn’t.

2. Numerous Lighting Sources

Try to have at least three lighting sources in each room. General room lighting could be something as an overhead light (pendant or chandelier). Specific lighting as in a table lamp osconcesr desk lamp to help with the area or just as a filler light for the overall mood of the room. Only having a table lamp on in a room could make the feel moodier or not as lit if it is night and you are perhaps just wanting to fall asleep with a light on. Lastly would be an ambient light source or smaller electrical light being candles or wall sconces. Having many light sources can compliment one another for additional lighting when needed or be lit/tuned on individually to help set a mood.

3. Add a Dimmer Switch

This can piggy-back off of having numerous light sources in a room. Having a dimmer switch is just amazing. There are times that everyone has either not needed all of the light they are using or just did not want it to be so bright. Dimmers can help with the mood of a room or just help with being able to adjust the brightness depending on the time of day and how much you need or don’t need. Dimmer switches are typically something that does not come standard in a living space and can be considered an “upgrade”. If you are not comfortable putting in a dimmer switch I recommend hiring a licensed electrician to install one for you.

4. Light Dark Corners

Areas of your home that tend to get less attention are closets, shelves, kitchen counters, and cupboards. More times than not closets will have a light in them but if not, maybe choose to put something in there to help you see when it gets darker or even for a light to have on for the kids at night. As for shelves and counters I have sen many people that use things such as the Scentsy Warmers as a duel purpose in lighting as well as making the room smell nice. Cupboards can be lit and decorated with directional lights that sit on top of them, rope lights that lay on top as well I have seen.

5. Natural Light

inside-apartment-design-homeMake to most of what you have that is free. I talked a little about natural light in another post. Making sure all of your windows are open, wiped down, and clean can do wonders for a room.  Cleaning them on both sides inside and out (if possible) will help more than you may think. Give that a try when not wanting to turn on the lights, save money, and it’s a nice day.

Preventative Maintenance

#1 Thing To Check To Make Sure You Stay Cool This Summer

This post is going to be more on the maintenance side of things, but with the upcoming heat for the summer, this is a must read to make sure you, your family, and your guests have an enjoyable time while at home. This number one thing to check is an air filter.

Summer Heating & Cooling Maintenance

Now is the time to get your air conditioning checked for a routine maintenance inspection. With the weather getting warmer and more and more people’s air conditioners going out, it could possibly take weeks to have your AC fixed. A majority of air conditioner repair problems can be fixed during a maintenance inspection and could also save you money in the long run if the technician comes across and problems.

Why should you change your air filter?

Changing your furnace filter does not only effect the furnace. The filter is located in or by the furnace but it filters ALL of the air blown throughout the house, cool or warm. Not changing or cleaning your filter regularly (about every two or three months) can cause major problems for your entire HVAC system.

Clean vs. Dirty Air Filters

Clean vs. Dirty Air Filters

One your filter has done its job by catching all of the dirt, allergens, etc. it needs changed so it does not block the air flow. Dirty air filters can and will ad to your energy costs up to as much as 15%. So changing them is kind of a big deal. Most of the time if your renting, this is still up to you to take care of and manage. If you haven’t checked your filter in a while, I would get up right now and make sure you have a clean one for the summer. If you are someone it gets hot, you do not want your air going out on you.

Other small furnace and air conditioner maintenance tips:

  1. Inside the furnace itself is something called a coil. The coils have little aluminum fins on them that bend with age. Make sure those fins are not too damaged or overly bent looking to help with the efficiency of the air flow through your home or rental. Very easy to look and do yourself so you are not having to pay yourself or perhaps wait a long period of time for someone to come out.
  2. There is usually a condensation pipe, typically made of pvc that could get clogged. This pipe gets rid of the excess moisture in the air. If it gets clogged with dust on the opening near the end, just give it a cleaning. This wont damage anything too bad, but if left unfixed, the air would just be damp and could possible damage wallpaper or discolor paint on the walls.
  3. At the end of summer just try and make sure your AC unit is covered up and wrapped to protect from the winter that will be approaching (if you are in an area with snow). This will help prolong the life of the unit.

Apartment Living Room Guide

Apartment Living Room Guide

When it comes to apartment living, it’s all about maximizing space.  So let’s talk about the living room. It’s one of the most used rooms and you want to design it based on your own personal needs. Here are some ideas…

Is your goal a focal point?

Such as a TV or fireplace? Try this…. a two seater love seat with chairs on both sides diagonally and maybe an ottoman with one, if space allows.  All pieces facing towards your focal point.

Is conversation what you’re after?


Your room should be arranged so people can walk around each furniture piece freely.  Don’t create a spot where everyone is walking in front of each while trying to  talk and laugh with each other.  Being able to move around each chair allows anyone to slip in and out without disturbing the conversation.

Do you have a family and need a kiddo friendly living room?

Best thing is to think “areas”.  You will want to create a conversation area and also a play area. This is easily done by creating a visual divide with a console table or a sofa.  Simply use your sofa and accent chair on one side and then an open area on the other side with an accent chair, an area rug and some storage ottomans that can be used to sit on and also quickly store away toys and such.

With any of the layouts described, be sure to remember you do not necessarily buy the biggest sofa or chair that will fit in the room! The pieces should match the scale of the room and what you are doing with it.  Utilizing smaller functional pieces allows for you to create a coziness to your space with chairs, poufs and other storage accessories.

Colors are key!

Light room colors with pops of your favorite color accent colors help to visually stretch the size of a smaller room.  Living room upholstery in neutral colors can be brightened with accent pillows and small scale bold colors in a chest or end table.  Don’t forget a mirror!  This is a perfect way to make any space feel larger all while adding color at the same time.

Natural light, how we love you!

If you have windows, show them off! Don’t block the views. By blocking the windows in a room you drastically reduce the amount of light coming in, which always makes a room look smaller and cramped.  If you must use that space, then use low scale pieces in front of the window, nothing tall.  Steal light from across the room too by not separating the space with large pieces.  Keeping a path of sight clear and bright makes the space visually expand.


Accessories can make all the difference.  Here are some tips.

  •  Instead of using a traditional coffee table, use an upholstered ottoman.  Then it can do double duty as seating should you need it.
  • If space allows, green plants will soften a space.  Just don’t overdo it.
  •  An area rug can pull a small conversation area together.  It’s also a great jumping off point for your rooms color choices.
  •  Are you a fan of lucite? (not an affiliate link, just another example)  Well, utilizing lucite dining chairs with your table will visually take up nearly no space at all because they are clear in color.
lucite dining chairs

Example of Lucite Chairs

There is always more than one option, even with a small space.  Just have fun with your space…remember it’s YOUR space and let it reflect who you are.

A little creativity can go a long way!

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